Fresh Perigord Truffle - Willamette Valley, Oregon

Fresh Perigord Truffle

Grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley



Welcome To Cartwright Truffière

Cartwright Truffière is one of the few Perigord truffle-producing farms in the Pacific Northwest.  From the planting of the trees to the well-loved truffle dogs to the cleaning of the freshly harvested truffle, our truffle is a result of family effort and passion for the highest quality product.  We invite you to join our journey into the alluring world of the Perigord truffle.  An Old World delicacy brought into New World production and offered for modern culinary exploration.  Let the hunt for truffles begin!

Our Story


It all started from catching the truffle bug while living in Australia where they produced their first Perigord truffle in Manjimup in the late 90’s.  After moving back to Linnet's home state of Oregon in 2006, we discovered that the Willamette Valley was at the forefront of the new truffle culture in the USA.  

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