Our Story


It all started when we caught the truffle bug while living in Australia where they produced their first Perigord truffle in Manjimup in the late 90’s.  After moving back to Linnet's home state of Oregon in 2006, we discovered that the Willamette Valley was at the forefront of the new truffle culture in the USA.  It was unknown if Perigord could be produced in Oregon but the theory was that the climate for it was excellent and, with the best inoculated trees being produced just outside of Eugene, our sense of adventure was stirred.  Our first step was to find the perfect property.  Fortunately our search was short and we began preparation of the first acre in early 2008. In February 2009, our first mix of inoculated hazelnut (filbert to the Oregonians) and English Oak was planted and then we added trees on a yearly basis with the last group going into the ground on the 22nd of February 2014.  This turned into a truly exciting day as, just as we were planting our last tree, our first truffle was discovered in the area we affectionately call Lin's Patch.  On the 6th of January, 2015 one of our truffles became the first Perigord truffle grown in the Pacific Northwest ever placed on a restaurant menu (Grit Kitchen in Eugene, Oregon).  Since then more and more of our trees have begun to produce and the Willamette Valley is becoming famous not only for its Oregon white and black truffles, but also the freshest Perigord truffle available in the USA.

Want to know more about truffles or truffle production?  Please check out our FAQ page.