The Dogs

Our four legged family



NYASHA (2007-2018)





Like most truffle hunters, we decided using a dog was a much better idea than a pig.  For one thing, they’re cuddlier.  For another, they are less likely to EAT our truffle.  We currently have two wonder dogs that just love to hunt for truffle with a new associate joining us in 2020.  Dogs can find even the smallest truffle and it’s a great joy to watch these remarkable creatures follow a scent to a beautiful, ripe truffle.  In addition to our own team, we have a few, select professional native truffle hunters and their dogs visit our property to assist with our harvest.  Just as it’s always good to have a second set of eyes on a project, having spare noses ensures we find all of the truffles.  

Speaking of the professional dog handlers, we have the opportunity to work with the best in the business.  Having gained their experience through years of wild truffle hunting, they have adapted their skills to help train our dogs for orchard work.  If you want to go on a wild truffle adventure, you can find their details on the “Our Friends” page.